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24K Studios is bringing out the naughtier side of nails with Hand Jobs, the upcoming nail art and rings exhibition created by 16 female artists from across the world. Okay, so maybe naughty is a bit of an exaggeration. You won’t need to cover your eyes, and you can leave your furry handcuffs at home. This experimental scene is said to merge high fashion, street style and fine art all on the surface of the fingernail. Hand Jobs is scheduled to feature unique sets of nail tips and rings from the collaborations of nail artists including Astrowifey (Chicago), Britney Tokyo (LA), Haus of Lacquer (Vancouver), The Illustrated Nail (London), Fleury Rose (NYC), Nail Jerks (Bay Area),Nail Swag (LA), NancyMc (London), and participating jewelers including Elizabeth Woll (co-founder of 24K Studios), Angie Crabtree, Dha Mee HahnYuri Tozuka, and much more. Guest can get tipsy with the Nail Jerks and Nail Swag as they will be dazzling up the digits at the opening. Pack your bags for San Francisco, it’s gonna be a damn good time!

Opening Reception: Friday, January 25th, 6-9pm

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